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25,000 jobs, 33 years experience and top of the line equipment means you get the best service.


Standard Concrete Cutting Services

We do it all - no job too big - no job too small

  • Cutting for Removal / Outside & Inside

  • Dust Free & Fume Free Cutting Options

  • Walls / Floors / Driveways / Patios

  • Trench Cutting - Plumbing / Drainage

  • Joinery Rebates / Garage Doors

  • Kerb Cutting / Vehicle Crossings

  • Decorative Pattern Cutting

  • Expansion Cutting

  • Soff Cutting / Early Entry

  • Core Drilling

  • Slurry Control

We Specialise In Cutting For Removal

Walls / Floors / Concrete Structures

Master Concrete Cutters have the equipment and experience to get your job done safely and within your budget. 

We cut walls and concrete floors for removal, including controlled demolition of suspended concrete structures.

We also cut footings, driveways, paths and patios for removal. And service trenches for plumbing and drainage relocation - inside and outside - with electric and hydraulic equipment available for fume free cutting when required.

While we do cut concrete for removal, we do not remove or take concrete away!


Decorative Pattern Cutting

Make Your Concrete Stand Out From The Rest

Decorative Pattern Cutting is a service we provide to add impact to plain or coloured concrete patios, paths, drives and bbq areas.

We offer three different width decorative cuts 3mm, 6mm & 10mm which we grind into the concrete at a depth of 1-2mm.
If you want a no maintenance flagstone look to your concrete that adds real value to your property, give us a call.

*This service is only available for new concrete pours.  If you would like a decorative finish on your concrete, advise us of your plans before the concrete gets placed.

Soff Cutting - Expansion Joints

Cut Your Concrete Early Before It Cracks

"Early entry" saws are able to cut control joints much sooner than conventional, water-cooled saws, without spalling or raveling the saw cut due to a patented anti-ravel skid plate and its lightweight construction.

In addition, water is not needed to cool the cutting blade. Control joints can be sawn as soon as one can walk on the slab after finishing, usually within two hours.

It is common industry practice to cut control joints as soon as possible for efficient crack control.

Timing of joint sawing is critical to minimize tensile stresses and random cracking. 



Hydraulic & Electric Saw Cutting

Carbon Monoxide Free - Indoor Cutting

We use both electric and hydraulic concrete saws for inside work.  This allows our operators and other trades to work safely inside without the risk of carbon monoxide affecting them.
We work on many renovation jobs where walls need to be removed and plumbing services need to be relocated.

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Concrete Xray & Scanning Service

We now offer the lastest concrete Xray & Scanning Technology 


Hilti Ferroscan System

Reinforcing Mapping


StructureScan Mini XT - GSSI

Concrete Xray to 600mm


Non Destructive Testing

Damage Free Structural Investigation


Concrete Strength Testing

Integrity and Strength Testing

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